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Coast Guard Auxiliary University Program

The University of Southern Mississippi in collaboration with the United States Coast Guard is proud of our Coast Guard Auxiliary University Program (AUP) located on the Gulf Park Campus in Long Beach, MS. The Coast Guard AUP prepares college students for success in service to their community and country—inside and outside of the Coast Guard. The AUP is the official college-level program of the United States Coast Guard specifically designed to provide a quality education to undergraduate and postgraduate students in developing their leadership and technical talents for service to the Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security, emergency response, maritime, and public service communities.

Establishing the Coast Guard AUP on the Gulf Park Campus identifies the University of Southern Mississippi as one of 13 academic institutions across the nation offering such a special opportunity for students to seek professional advancement and community service. The AUP is a voluntary program whereby upon course completion students will achieve a strong sense of pride in service, professional leadership, seamanship skill development and the opportunity to continue their service through a career in the US Coast Guard. For more information please contact us at

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